What We Do

We're enthusiasts. For your products. For your success. We bring you good ideas. Sound strategies. Response-generating tactics. All to make your brand the one people notice. The one they remember.

Content Creation

Effective content comes from doing the homework, applying the victories and defeats of past campaigns and sprinkling it all with a little magic (the part that'll never be quantified). Want the best content? Find the best content creator.

Direct Marketing

Communications channels come and go. But the basics never change. Audience, offer and delivery. Understand who the audience is, what will entice a purchase, how and when to deliver the message. That's where we come in.

Social Media

Social media marketing is much more than messaging inside a medium. It is conversation, It's engagement. It's creating a give-and-take relationship with an audience. It requires focus, and attention, and consistency.

Success Stories!

If you've been in business any length of time, you no doubt have some success stories. Are you sharing them with prospects facing similar situations? If not, you're leaving potential business on the table. We can help you tell others about your success, and possibly help you have more!

Brand Identity

There's more to your company than your logo on letterhead. But if that logo is outdated or doesn't communicate your company's level of professionalism, it may be costing you business. Let us update your look, or create something completely new for you.

Website Development

Is your website looking a little tired? Bedraggled? Is it mobile responsive? We design, develop and launch websites on WordPress and Squarespace platforms. Let's talk about what a new website can do for your business.

Lead Generation

You've got a great product. Or a unique service. The problem is, nobody knows about it. You need leads. Qualified leads. Leads from a lot of channels that turn into sales. At the lowest cost possible. We get it. We can help.

Outside Thinking

Eventually, every company gets stalled on something. You need outside thinking - someone who knows marketing, but has no emotional attachment to the problem. Bring us in. For a day, or just one critical meeting.

Charlotte Answers!

Charlotte's our town. If you're new to the area, get in touch with us and we'll help you find your way around. If you have questions about the area, chances are we have the answers. If we don't, we know someone who does.

What We’re Thinking Now!

We have a lot of ideas. Here's one, and there's more where this came from.

Our latest blog post

What happens?

February 7, 2017

What happens when your message is no longer fresh? What happens when your organization, achieving its objectives and fulfilling its promises (whether through product offerings, delivery of service or in the case of a non-profit, staying to its mission) no longer gets the attention of its audience? What happens when your story, albeit valid, no longer captures interest? What happens if another company or organization tells its story, similar to yours, and catches a new wave of enthusiasm you wished you'd gotten? What happens? Retool? Probably not. It's working. You're doing as you promised. Retreat? Never. Reengage? That's the ticket. What story can you tell that you haven't already told? What is that one piece of information no one knows about you? What are you doing today to reengage your tired audience?
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Meet the CJDR Team

We are an agency, an extended agency, an extension of your agency and a virtual agency. Which do you need?



Owner, Creative Director

Brainstormer. Idea guy. Strategist. Tactician. Designer. Loves coffee, art, music, dogs, cats and turtles.



Owner, Content Director

Writer. Thinker. Organizer. Community Manager. Loves tea, books, gardens, all animals and travel.

Virtual Crew

Virtual Crew

Whatever You Need

Web designers. App developers. Media planners. Photographers. Illustrators. PR Specialists. We got 'em.



Head of Security

Guard. Deputy. Sentinel. Chief tailwagger. Loves the beach, the backyard, long walks, birds and their shadows.



Activity Coordinator

Goofball. Escape artist. Huntress. Loves going in and out and in and out, plush toys and squirrels.




Cat. Cat. Cat. Cat. Cat. Loves open windows, sunshine, catnip mice, drinking from a faucet and birdwatching.

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Do We Fit?

We've worked for the widest range of companies you can imagine–from the largest financial institutions in the country, to major non-profits, to manufacturing companies, to one-person start-ups. But we do have our sweet spots. If you match one of these profiles, we may be a perfect fit!

Organizations with a CMS but no C and no M

You spent money - good money! - for a content management system to move your organization to the next level. It works. It works great. But it doesn't work at all if no one is writing content and no one is managing it. Let us.

Non-profits needing web and social presence

You're a non-profit, trying to compete for the minds and pocketbooks of potential members and donors. Despite the realities that you're understaffed, and under-funded, you still have to get the word out.

Web design company, no full-time writer

We'll write for you. Bring us in as part of your creative team - from concept to finished site. We have experience in all phases of website development. And we're comfortable being part of your team.

Large Organizations with Small Projects

The project may seem small. But you know all eyes will be on it, and the quality has to be on par with everything you do. And no one wants to give it top-tier attention. We will. And we will do it right, on schedule and within budget.

Small Organizations with Large Projects

It's not David vs. Goliath. But you have competitors with more resources. How do you make it a fair fight? You call us. We'll be your secret weapon. We'll deliver expertise you need without the overhead you don't want.

Advertising Agencies with Boutique Needs

You do what you do, and you do it well. But your client needs a discipline you don't have in-house. Direct marketing. Social media. Content development. Or, maybe you're just stretched thin and could use another resource. Call us.

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All I Really Need to Know About Loyalty I Learned From My Cat

BookCoverBookCoverLoyalty. It is a treasured commodity. We seek it in our friendships. And we crave it in our customers. Is there anything more valuable to a company—any company (regardless of size)—than the loyal customer? Today, consumers have more options than ever. The marketplace is global indeed. But long-lasting customer loyalty is still something within your grasp, and surprisingly, there's no better teacher than a cat.

In the same way The One Minute Manager simplified effective management, All I Really Need To Know About Loyalty I Learned From My Cat simplifies customer loyalty.

Ten simple concepts, woven around the story of Rocky, a lap cat trapped in an alley cat's body.

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