• July 7, 2016
  • By Chuck Jones
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5 Ways to Take Your Website from Good to Great (While Everyone Else Takes a Vacation)

Has everyone else’s summer vacation turned into the summer doldrums for you and what’s left of your staff? Not to mention your customer base? It turns out this could be a perfect time to turn some attention to your website, while your inbox isn’t so full and your meeting calendar has calmed down.

1. Check your company name.

How many people have worked on, added pages, changed copy or have access to your CMS? Well, that could be the number of different ways your company name appears. Dig into those corporate standards and replace any wayward spelling, off-tone Pantone or funky font with the official brand name treatment.

2. Add title tags and Meta tags to up your SEO game.

Title tags (the copy that appears in the first line of an organic search listing) still rank as essential elements of on-page optimization. Doing a good job with your title tag can improve SEO and your company rep as an authority in your industry.

Meta tags describe a page's content, similar to tagging on your blog. Think of them as short but intense content descriptors that help search engines know what each page on your site is about.

Most content management systems include a place to incorporate tags. It can be time consuming (or pointless unless you’ve done some keyword work and checked out your competitors), but done right, it might be just the thing to tackle while the boss (or customer base) is away.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 6.05.17 PM3. Add a Calendar page. Update the staff photo gallery. Amp up your About Us page.

You know. Look like you’re in business.

Does your site have a Calendar Page that treats your site visitors to a desert of blank dates? Or was the last event posted back in 2014? Is your calendar page so archaic it’s pretty much broken? Now is the right time on the calendar to fix all that.

And remember how you were customer service manager before you got promoted to customer service VP? Yeah, on the website, you’re still the manager. And your colleagues are suffering a similar fate. Get that updated. Schedule a new photo shoot altogether for a real refresh.

Your About Page has the possibility of being the second most visited page following your Home Page. Take an objective look and put yourself in a site visitor’s chair. Would you do business with you based on what you see and read here? Chances are good, even the best About Page could use a little overdue spring cleaning.

4. Put together a content calendar and start banking content.

During the summer lull, start with creating or re-visiting your content strategy. (Please, I beg you.) Then get new content created and written, go through previous content to re-use or re-purpose, create a new social content campaign (or, if you haven’t already, a social strategy. I’m begging you.)

Content calendars are a great tool to keep your web updates on schedule and checked off. In addition to editorial content such as blogs, white papers, articles and social posts, you could also include tasks such as these in this article.

5. Create engagement opportunities for your users.

Is your site just a digital brochure?

It shouldn’t be. Content is no longer one-dimensional, and your customers expect better from you. Take ten days and add ten ways your site visitors can find—and enjoy—valuable information without leaving the comfort of their poolside lounger. Those options may include surveys, polls and quizzes, video, downloadable PDFs—if you can think of it, it can probably be included. (Within reason. C’mon.)

Hire someone else to do it and take a vacation, too!

So, you’re the one who has gone to the trouble to introduce this awesome idea, and now you’re hearing the siren song of a summer getaway yourself. No problem. Delegate, delegate, delegate. There are people and agencies (like CJDR, for example) who are glad to help take your website from good to great while you take a vacation!

P.S. Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here!

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