• July 16, 2016
  • By Chuck Jones
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Congratulations! Business is Booming.

These are incredible times in business. Communicating with customers has never been easier. Referrals keep ‘em coming. You have a loyal following that isn’t going anywhere else. And you’re not even doing anything to make it stay that way.

Seriously. No one has time to update the website. An email campaign is out of the question this summer—make that summer and fall. And customer loyalty just happens anyway. Not much to do there.

Okay. No one is THAT confident. So here are a few ways we can think of to keep those customers coming—and business booming.


For many of us, our website is our storefront. If yours is looking a little shabby, your customers WILL notice. And then maybe wonder how good you really are. If you really care. You get the picture. Even if everyone is too busy with business, you have to look like you’re in business to stay in business. Hire someone, inside or outside, who is low-maintenance with a get-the-job-done attitude. Manage the project in a way so that everyone in the company doesn’t need to get involved—when they have a spare moment—which is never. They can make any changes (through your updated CMS) on their PTO, just like everyone else.

And when business, slows—which it will—your site will be up to speed and looking fine while your competition struggles to catch up.

Email Campaigns

How can your customers plan for fall, much less the holidays, if you don’t? Like right now. Get yourself a copywriter, tell them your objectives and get the ball rolling. An experienced outside copywriting team (like CJDR, for example) should be able, with the right information and direction from you, create a campaign strategy, set drop dates, write compelling copy and craft subject lines for testing and measurable results. You just have to put it in your automated email delivery system (because you have one, right?) and be prepared for your company to stay up to speed when others slow down.

Customer Loyalty

There’s no better customer than an existing customer. And how about all those ways you reward them? Whew! Doesn’t get any better. Or could it? Well, it could always get better. Everyone knows that. How about a little surprise and delight via your social media channels? Percentage off is so 2014. How about every once in while (today), offer an exclusive BOGO based on their order history? One year free membership for referring a friend?

Right now, it’s hot and your customers could be cranky. Help them power through the heat and get them to come back this fall with hit after hit on your better-than-ever website. Don’t lose them because thanks to their loyalty, you’re now too busy to pay attention to them. BTW, our free e-book on customer loyalty, All I Really Need to Know About Loyalty I Learned from my Cat makes an awesome summer read!

Staying in front of your customers is always important, even when business is hot. Take steps this summer to put a plan in place that keeps you nimble, fresh and ready for whatever turns the market may take.

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