• July 5, 2016
  • By Chuck Jones
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For reasons I cannot explain
There's some part of me wants to see Graceland.

("Graceland," music and lyrics by Paul Simon)

In 2005, Aprill and I took a six-week vacation and drove across the country. Along the way, we stopped at a number of landmarks. One was Graceland.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 5.35.41 PMI had never particularly wanted to visit Graceland. But on the morning we drove from Huntsville to Memphis, we listened to all of Elvis' greatest hits—Burnin' Love, Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock and more—and by the time we hit the Shelby county line, we were pumped up. It was a great day. We saw the jungle room (smaller than I had imagined), living room, television room and the pool room. We checked out the museum, saw the private plane (the Lisa Marie), and of course, Elvis' grave.

I'm glad I went.

But just the other day, I heard Paul Simon's Graceland on the radio and listened closely to the line for reasons I cannot explain there's some part of me wants to see Graceland.

Each of us has things we want to do for which there is no good explanation. We just want to do them, and our lives are somehow enriched when we get to do them.

Here are five things that for reasons I cannot explain there's some part of me wants to do:

  1. Go to the Indianapolis 500. I live in the heart of NASCAR country, and am not particularly a huge auto racing fan (anymore). But I'd like to see the Indy 500.
  2. See a grizzly bear fish for salmon. I've seen plenty of videos of Brooks River in Katmai National Park. But I haven't been there. I want to.
  3. Sing backup for Jackson Browne. I'm a singer, and I can sing harmony pretty well. Jackson Browne is probably my favorite performer. Call me, Jackson! I wouldn't disappoint you.
  4. Watch a University of Tennessee football game with Peyton Manning. You know, just two #VFLs enjoying a little ball.
  5. See Victoria Falls. I love the outdoors, and I love to hike, and I love waterfalls. This may be the best in the world.

Those are five of mine. What's your Graceland?

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