• February 7, 2017
  • By Chuck Jones
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What happens?

What happens when your message is no longer fresh?

What happens when your organization, achieving its objectives and fulfilling its promises (whether through product offerings, delivery of service or in the case of a non-profit, staying to its mission) no longer gets the attention of its audience?

What happens when your story, albeit valid, no longer captures interest?

What happens if another company or organization tells its story, similar to yours, and catches a new wave of enthusiasm you wished you'd gotten?

What happens?

Retool? Probably not. It's working. You're doing as you promised.

Retreat? Never.

Reengage? That's the ticket. What story can you tell that you haven't already told? What is that one piece of information no one knows about you?

What are you doing today to reengage your tired audience?

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