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Wilmar Leasing, Inc. was incorporated on January 31, 1980 by founder and owner Bill Crawford. Shortly after completing four years in the U.S. Navy as an officer, Bill began his leasing career in 1969 at Hill Truck Rentals, Inc. in Orlando, FL. Hill Truck Rentals (HTR) was a full-service truck leasing company. Because of his success as a salesman, in 1973 Bill was asked to move to Charlotte, N.C. to open Hill’s first branch operation. Bill was promoted to branch manager and salesman at this new facility. In 1975, Bill left HTR and joined Leasing Consultants of Charlotte, a finance leasing company, where he learned the particulars of this industry. After five years as a very successful salesman, Bill left LCC and started Wilmar with $700 in savings bonds. Wilmar is an acronym for William and Bill’s wife Marilyn (Wil – Mar).

In 1990 and 1991, Bill’s two sons, Scott and David joined him in the business. In 1999, Elizabeth, his daughter, also joined the company. On September 1, 2004, Wilmar Leasing changed its name to Wilmar, Inc. In part, as a result of Wilmar’s growth to beyond leasing, Wilmar, Inc. is still a private, family-owned business.

Wilmar Leasing, Inc. has now grown from a one-man operation out of a bedroom doing business only within Charlotte, N.C. to Wilmar, Inc., the largest independent leasing company in the Southeast.

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